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Artist Statement

 Since I was a young child I've had vivid dreams, sometimes playing out like a science fiction or fantasy movie. These dreams were so realistic that they would inspire me to ask questions about the world we live in, the universe, and why we exist. I've been seeking to communicate some of my visions as I've grown as an artist for the past 30 years. 

     Art should speak to the person looking at it. It should evoke a feeling, a thought or a memory, or it can even cause a person to ask questions about their own beliefs and paradigms. I paint things that I can connect with, and in doing so I count on at least a handful of other people to connect with it as well. That connection can develop with eye contact between the subject and the viewer, or it can happen in the presentation of subject matter. Art speaks, and has always spoken throughout history. Maybe you'd like to connect with one of my paintings in your home. Just remember though, art doesn't have to match the couch.

Education: BA in Education with a minor in Art from EWU

Continuing Education: Whitworth University focusing on Gifted Education

Current City: Spokane Washington, where I was born and raised.

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